April 2021 Hungary

Unlike the strictly age based vaccine rollout system in many countries, the Hungarian government introduced online vaccine registration. There were vague threats that only people who register can get a vaccine. Among the registered ones there seemed to be a vaguely age based order but since only ~40% of the population have registered, all people above 18 started getting their call-ups in April already.

The daily covid death rate in Hungary has long been the worst in Europe and until the double mutation in India, it was leading in the world. …

The story

In the past few months I got annoyed with Facebook because it flooded my feed with sponsored ads almost solely about yoga pants, other fashion products, clothes and jewelry, and nothing else, even though I have no interest in buying any of these. (Yes, I probably spend too much time on Fb since the corona situation got dire in Hungary.) After a while I decided to try and train the recommendation algorithm and started blocking these ads but nothing changed. …

Russell Brand’s podcast with Gabor Maté:

This is a really good podcast that I think is useful for most of us.

Gabor Maté is a physician who does a great job with communicating the connection between childhood trauma, addictive behaviour and physical illnesses.

It’s definitely worth listening to the whole thing. He is a very kind, emotionally honest, and humorous person, who is pleasant to listen to.

Nevertheless, here is my attempt for a summary and some of my own comments.

Sad Inheritance by Joaquín Sorolla

Notes from the podcast

  • Addiction is not about the substance it is about the addictive behaviour.
  • We all experience addictive urges and behaviours.

Ani Lill

I do NLP research, code, sing and sometimes write blog posts.

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