How I changed my gender

The story

In the past few months I got annoyed with Facebook because it flooded my feed with sponsored ads almost solely about yoga pants, other fashion products, clothes and jewelry, and nothing else, even though I have no interest in buying any of these. (Yes, I probably spend too much time on Fb since the corona situation got dire in Hungary.) After a while I decided to try and train the recommendation algorithm and started blocking these ads but nothing changed. One day I clicked on the “Why am I seeing this ad” link to see what they come up with, even though I know that

  1. Even if they use a more explainable version, I do not have any guarantees for getting the true information.
Sponsored ad while being “female”
Sponsored ads while being ⚧⚲☿X etc.

Bias in AI

In the past few years researchers started actively questioning the social consequences and ethical issues of Artificial Intelligence.

Bias feedback loop

Okay, but what do you have to do with this?

  • Use ad blocker.
  • Switch off notifications for anything but private messages or what you find really important and beneficial for you.
  • Take days off social media.
  • General mental health “workouts”.
  • Follow people you disagree with.
  • And maybe try and change your gender, age or other settings on Facebook, to see what worlds other people might live in. ;)

Bias in real life

Despite the clickbaity title I did not really change gender. Or did I?


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